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标题: [求职] 资深概念 求职 [打印本页]

作者: growingpains    时间: 2011-9-9 12:43     标题: 资深概念 求职



工作内容包括:角色与场景概念设计,静态或动态matte painting,角色模型搭建与贴图绘制。

或通过  与我联系。


hi ~I'm looking for a full time job about senior Concept artist or leader in beijing.

Experienced  with 5 years in game and featrued film industry .Nice communication.My job content including character and environment concept design,Static and motion matte painting,3D modeling and texturing .

If you have interested in me, please visit my
Or contact me through:   

Thank you ~

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作者: growingpains    时间: 2011-9-15 01:38

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